Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer Recap: Take 2

We hit the road the morning after the wedding to make it home for my baby sister's high school graduation.  Sweet D is the last of the nine to graduate and I'd made it to every other ceremony, so missing my goddaughter's wasn't happening!  We made it home about an hour before the ceremony and LB and I headed over while Hubby kept SP home for a nap.

Enjoy a scroll through her graduation....keeping in mind I'm alternately thinking, "isn't she so pretty?!" and the song "Sunrise, Sunset".  I grew up in a musical kind of house :)

Sweet D and the family:

A surprise bear hug from brother #3

Numbers 8 & 9

D and two or her nieces

Numbers 7 & 9

I'm telling ya - homeschooling WORKS! :)

Numbers 6 & 9

My brother and his wife with D

Numbers 2, 9, 3 aka her godparents with D :)

Goofing around

D and her boyfriend


  1. Thank you for labeling everyone in birth order. Large families fascinate me. (My husband is one of seven)

    LB looks like #7! Holy cow! And you and your baby sister look so much alike! I love all the strawberry blonde hair in your family-- it's gorgeous!

    1. Yes! My side of the family have strong genes! SP looks quite a bit like #7 as well :)


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