Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer Recap: Take 1

The normal homeschool schedule will be commencing in the next couple weeks.  It's hard to believe summer is closing out!

We started our summer with a trip to Wisconsin Dells, which included a stay at Mount Olympus (not a sponsored post, just sharing the link in case you like the sound of the place!) and a cousin's wedding.

Crammed to the gills

Powdered donut, anyone?

Vacation is exhausting!

For everyone :)

Captain LB

On the rollercoaster!

Child-sized coaster

Child-sized go-kart

My spot in the shade to watch my go-kart driver

Waiting for Mom and Dad to get ready

Passed out at the wedding

Dainty lady ready to go!

Enjoying the reception
The lovely couple

LB decided to start photographing

Hubby's aunt had a fantastic time with SP

Caught in a sneeze

While my eyes are closed, SP looks so cute :)

The wedding was beautiful and we had a great time.  It was at my favorite kind of venue - a hotel.  Our room was right upstairs so I was able to sneak off when SP lost her goodness.

Now, about Mount Olympus.  We knew we were attending a wedding in the area, so we planned to go up a few days early and take a "kid's vacation".  We stayed at Mount Olympus and enjoyed the water and theme parks.  I would recommend this destination if it's not too far from you.  It's definitely worth a few hours drive and 3 or 4 days.  After a few days, you'll be ready to go.  The rollercoasters were fun and there were rides for little ones and bigger ones.  The rollercoasters are the wooden kind, so if that's not your gig, it might not be as much fun for you.  We loved them all.

LB was able to drive her own sized go kart, which was the highlight of her trip.  We were also able to drive go karts with Hubby and I each taking a kiddo, so go karts were definitely a highlight for all.  I was worried SP would be unsettled by speed, but she hooted and hollered her whole way through!

We stayed at Hotel Rome, which is closest to the rides and water.  I recommend staying there, or you're in for a hike.  That wasn't really clear when we looked at the map of the grounds, but we upgraded for a few bucks to the main hotel and didn't regret the decision!  Staying at the hotel gets you admission to all the rides and the different parks on the grounds. 

It was definitely the highlight of the kids' summer.  I would definitely plan a return trip.  Next time, I think we'll be getting one of the cool bunk bed rooms :)

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