Thursday, September 5, 2013

{Theme Thursday} Recess {Highs of Summer 2013}

Summer is the ultimate recess.  As a homeschooler, we have the benefit of setting our own schedule.  School isn't so much the end of all things wonderful as it is woven into the daily life a little more during the traditional school year.

Learning happens everywhere - and what a beautiful thing that is.  So, we "started school" a few weeks ago, but we have days of play and trips all mixed in with learning cursive and the wonders of condensation.

We also take plenty of time to play and learn from each other.  After all, building relationships  is a huge part of spending our lives together.

So, the highlights in no particular order of our extended idyll this summer:

Took a trip to PA to meet this amazing little man - my newest nephew

Celebrated my 32nd birthday with family

Celebrated Sweet Pea's 1st birthday the day after my 32nd

Sweet Pea learned to walk!

Little Bean made her First Holy Communion

My family had a reunion

This girl is back home after trying out school for a year

My sister got married (pictured with her proud papa)

Little Bean turned 8!
...and fell in love with her tiniest cousin :)
Spending time building that sister-bond :)

As summer turns to fall - my favoritest season of all - I'm looking forward to bonfires, hot cocoa and just snuggling with my hubby and kiddos.  Little Bean did school at our local private/parish school last year while I learned to balance two babies 10 months apart.  She's home this year again, and we're savoring every moment....especially the recesses:

Where learning and recess meet - a daytrip to our zoo

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  1. What wonderful pictures! Looks like a great summer. I love the one with the red car.

    1. Thanks! It was fun to look back on the summer and see how teeming with life it was :)

  2. I love the bow on her head by the cozy coupe too!! I need to do a summer recap myself.


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