Friday, September 20, 2013

{7QTs} Dancing, Swimming, Pottery, Oh My!

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Week 6 of homeschooling is on the books for 2013-14.  I'm loving Catholic Heritage Curriculum.  God bless them for the 4 day week - we're barely staying on track, as it is, so glad we have that extra day to do things like, wash dishes and clean tubs.....yeah, 8 y/o's around this place have it glamorous!

This cray-cray is in 3rd grade!


Little Bean is crazy-busy this semester - kind of like a jumping bean.  She's swimming twice a week and this week, she went off the diving board a few times!

My little fish


We found a Groupon for Irish Dancing recently.  LB is loving it and actually practicing....something that hasn't always been the case with other activities!

Getting "jiggy" with it!


Our twice-monthly co-op met today.  I spent most of the day in the nursery because Sweet Pea was so irritable she wouldn't be left alone.  It was actually nice to spend some time just visiting with other moms and holding SP.

Drum circle at co-op

Finger-knitting with a friend at co-op


We found a local FREE (with membership) drop-in class at our local family museum.  So, LB now does a clay studio once a week.  Air dry projects are free and $5 for each piece that has to be glazed and fired.  I told her she could do one fired piece a week.  $20/month for a pottery class seems like a steal - especially when she's been the only kid there twice in a row!

Learning to use the wheel!
Working on an air-dry piece
Someone decided the clay looked tasty


I am still loving my cloth diapers, but I need a system for the rest of my laundry.  Who does the sorting, folding and putting away in your house?  I need some kind of schedule for myself or system to get others helping.  I'm constantly falling behind on laundry for the five of us.

This cutie pie in her cloth diapers


A homeschooling friend of mine told me she's doing three weeks on and one week off.  I'm wondering if other people have unusual schedules like this.  It sounds like a good idea, but I'm thinking maybe I should save the break weeks for when I'm super busy at work.  Any other moms have unique schedules?

Or maybe we should take more time to play with friends :)
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