Sunday, December 9, 2012

If you should happen to stop by

I meant to post an album of our latest family pics, but first, I need to figure out what to do about being out of space on the Picasa Web Album.

So, as I've been procrastinating on fixing this problem, I haven't really been blogging.  Yesterday though, something happened that I've been kind of fixated on.  Someone stopped over with an unannounced guest who I had never met and my house was a MESS!  Now, I'm not the cleanest of people anyway, it's not Hoarders gross by any means, but my house is always about 30 minutes off of "company clean", meaning, I need about a 30 minute heads-up before I've got a presentable space. 

As I kicked dirty laundry behind the bathroom door, I looked around my house and stressed about all the little and not-so-little things I could see out of place.  So, I have a poem for you.

If You Should Happen to Stop By
If you should happen to stop by, there'll be socks on the floor.
Dishes won't be done yet, and there'll be dirty laundry in front of the kids' door.
Toys will be strewn with disregard for toes,
And at least one of the kids will have a runny nose.
I'll still be in my pajamas at lunchtime, making hot dogs while someone screams.
An organized play-room is pretty much just a pipe dream.
My living room is dusty,
And on the kitchen floor is something crusty.
I've probably got a project going on,
The paint on those drawers will be dry before too long.
So, if you should happen to stop by, the place will likely be a mess
And yes, we live like this.

I'll still work to clean, of course, but yesterday, something inside of me that was trying to impress random strangers just snapped.  I realized, I just don't have the energy for this!  SB will continue to dump buckets of toys onto the floor right after I spent naptime cleaning, so just be careful where you walk when you stop by unannounced.  :)

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