Monday, November 19, 2012

Our FL trip - 2012

Our Halloween was crazy.  We tried to get the kids to a variety of fun candy-filled events before we got in the car on October 31st at 3pm and drove 2 days to FL.  Since LB is in school this year, and we're thinking it'll probably be a one-year deal, she really wanted to attend her Halloween party (one would think a Catholic school might have an All Saint's Day party, but I digress). 

So, hubby took the day off and we packed the car and cleaned the house a bit while LB was in school.  As soon as she was home, we drove off into the too-early-because-it's-winter setting sun.  We drove until about 2am and made it to Nashville, TN.  We were up and on the road again by about 9am the next morning and finally reached our destination of a hotel right on the beach at 11pm.  Needless to say, it was a hard 2-day drive and we were all super done being in the car by the time we got there. 

The next day, I had a chance to go out and get my nails done with the bride-to-be/lifelong friend whose wedding we were there to celebrate while hubby took all three girls out to play at our hotel on the beach (we splurged so that we could be oceanside and it was totally worth it!).  After a rehearsal dinner, we were back to bed and preparing for the big wedding day.

The wedding preparation time was so fun and the wedding was beautiful.  It was so moving to see the girl I grew up playing with dressed in her beautiful dress coming down the aisle to her soon-to-be husband, every inch the radiantly in love woman.  The reception was at the groom's parents' house.  It was an amazing space for the event and the best part was that the groom's mother was thoughtful enough to set aside a room for our girls to lay down (we had the only children at the wedding).  All three of our girls were laying down and conked out before 9pm.

After the wedding, we spent a few more days at our hotel playing in the water and enjoying the beach.  The time went so fast, but it was gloomy and starting to rain the day we left, so the vacation felt just long enough.  The trip back was just as long and exhausting, but hubby had the foresight to take the next day off work, so the transition back to the real world wasn't too terrible. 

Here are some pictures from Halloween and our fun FL trip :)

Last day of hubby with long hair before vacation :)

LB was done carving her pumpkin early!

Help from her aunt with her pumpkin

First morning on the beach

Admiring the view from our hotel

We shouldn't have let her by the water without a swimsuit on!

She kept getting farther and farther out - until her pants were soaked!

The bride with her cousins

At the rehearsal dinner

Calm for the moment

Watching the sun set

She stayed there until we made her come back in

Trying out a cracker

Investigating the flower girl goody bag

Hanging with daddy

The flower girl is ready

Cake cutting

The first dance

I don't think she's supposed to have that....

Sun protection - check!

The older I get, the more I worry about the sun :)

I made the girls wear bandanas to keep their parts from getting burnt

Sand castle!

Sand castle II

Sweet Pea's smile :)

Daddy said something funny

Last morning, saying good bye to the ocean

Watching the last sunrise in FL

A moment with the sunrise

Good-bye beautiful FL!

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