Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Picture Day: Part 1

I finally spent some time taking pictures of the girls.  I can't share SB's pics, c'est la vie - here are the other two girls.  I say Part 1 in the title because I really need to get more pictures of the girls for their age/milestones.

My husband bought me exactly what I wanted for Mother's Day/my birthday (they're only a couple weeks apart and I wanted a kind of big present).  I got a really nice new camera.  I'm happy with the quality, although I do wish it would take the pictures faster!  

I try to take pictures of the girls as much as I can and I've been meaning to take 2 month pics of SP for well, almost a month (shhh!)  I got them taken when she was about 2 1/2 months, so I think it still counts!

I also took a few sister pics....I'll have to revisit these on a day LB has off school, she wasn't thrilled with having a photo shoot after a full day of school :) (btw - school is going well.  LB enjoys it and my anxiety is manageable....I'd like her home still next year, but we're only on the third week, so we'll see).

I figured out my camera takes stills while you're shooting video...isn't she precious?!!!!
 I included quite a few of SP's shots because her facial expressions are hilarious :)

The first one....not so bad

And then someone sneezed...note the quality of the camera capturing the spit in flight

Back to a smile, but SP is shocked by what just happened

....and a little scared
Hope they gave you a smile/laugh.  Have a wonderful September.  I'm looking forward to getting some projects wrapped up at work, maybe starting a couple at home, finishing some more handmade gifts for friends (pics to follow after they've been given!), contemplating some minor kitchen reno and even a trip south to pack up my brother's family for the move back north close to us (YAY!).  September is going to be hopping!

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