Sunday, September 2, 2012

Everyday Miracles

I think miracles happen more often than we realize.  I find that when I stop, take a breath and take a moment for those around me, I notice the miracles all around.

Last Sunday, LB, SP and I went on a daytrip to see my elderly Grandma in the nursing home.  She has dementia and has her good days and her bad days.  I am grateful for the fiesty grandma I remember.  Every now and then, I see a piece of the grandma from my childhood.

When we went on Sunday, I saw my grandma do something I have watched her do hundreds of times with my younger brother and sisters and the older great-grandchildren.  Sunday, I got to watch her make a little clicking noise to SP. It might not seem like much, but it took me straight to childhood and yet was a moment that went straight to my heart as a mother.  There is something about watching your parents or grandparents with your children that is miraculous in itself.  For just that moment, through the memory loss and deterioration of her body, I saw the soul still inside.  Sometimes our blessings come in rain drops, indeed.

L to R: LB, Great-Grandma, Godmother, SP, (one of my sisters hiding in the background) and my dad

Last Sunday, this is what a miracle looked like.

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