Thursday, June 21, 2012

Back after Baby!

Introducing Baby #3!

Finally!  She's here! 

June 6, 2012 7:49pm 6lbs 3.6oz, 17.5"

At 41 weeks, the doctor decided to try an induction to avoid another c-section.  So, at 7am, my husband and I went in to the hospital and started the process. 

I have terrible veins....they just don't take IVs well at all.  It's almost like my veins weren't MADE to have sharp objects stabbed into them.....

Anyway, before they started my IV, my doctor came in to say good morning before she started her surgeries and appointments for the day.  My husband reminded her that I have difficult veins, and she went in search of the best nurse to put in the line.  She came back with the nurse who was already assigned to our room.  Nice to know we already had the best nurse!  She put the line in on the first try, a first for me with an IV.  I had never had a line put in with fewer than 4 sticks before, so I was feeling pretty good as we started the day.

I'll fast forward through most of the labor, saying only that Pitocin is really not fun!  My levels were increased every 30 minutes and by lunchtime, I was in active labor and definitely feeling it.  Soon the epidural came (which I wasn't really sure I wanted to do when I started, but would have happily shoved in my own spine by the time it got there!).  It made me a little too numb down my right side and not really numb enough on my left side.  I also had the same problems with shock that I had with my spinal block when I had LB, but even a little relief was welcome. 

After 12 hours of constant contracting and increasing levels of drugs, it was time to welcome the little one into the world.  After some minutes of pushing (my husband and I have differing views on how long....he thinks it was about 10 minutes, I thought it was about a year), we welcomed a healthy little girl into the world that evening.  And I do mean one week overdue, she was just over the 6lb mark! 

She was really no worse for the extra cooking time, aside from a little merconium in the fluid.  She scored a 9 and a 10 on the Apgar, so we were relieved that she hadn't suffered any ill effects with her long cooking time and all the concerns from low progesterone in the beginning of pregnancy to concerns that her growth was off at the end. 

It took me about an hour to stop shaking and pull it together after baby was born and then a few family members stopped by to see her before bedtime. 

She was born on a Wednesday and Friday afternoon we were on our way home.  Hubby went back to work Monday and I was out and about picking up LB from camp Monday afternoon. 

Being able to be active after having the baby has been such a blessing.  I feel a little more back to normal and stronger every day.  With a couple noticeable exceptions, baby is sleeping well at night and I've been appreciating that after two girls who didn't sleep for the better part of a year!

I'm doing pretty well with 2 little ones under a year, but having my mom friends dropping off meals has really been a lifesaver! 

More pictures to follow - SB is making noises like naptime is over!

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