Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Little Photographer

LB loves to take pictures....some of them look good, others are part of the learning curve :)

This week, she took some pictures and I took some of her.  We had a great time goofing around.

Posing with the belly (27 weeks)

Of course you should turn spaghetti into a mustache...

She's got her own style!

Cheesing it up

7 months pregnant

Crazy faces

Like mother, like daughter!

One of the wonderful things about our homeschool community is that we bring each other meals on occasion to help each other (birth of a child, family illness, etc).  One of my friends has recently had her fourth daughter and tomorrow I'll be making a meal to bring to her. 

I found a couple good recipes on Pinterest and with some slight modifications, I'm going to make them for their dinner (and a little extra for ours!).  I'll be sure to take some pictures of the modified recipes to share.

Our zoo opened yesterday and we went with a friend to check out all the new animals that were born over the winter.  Look for those pictures soon......

The pregnancy continues to be uneventful (praise God!), but I do have the dreaded glucose screening today.  I don't anticipate a problem, just gotta get it done.

Looking forward to all the warm days ahead and 84ish days till baby!

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