Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lucky Ducky Gets Married

So, I may have mentioned, or perhaps you already know this about me - but I'm from a large family.  There are 9 of us siblings.  I have two older brothers, 5 younger sisters and one younger brother.  My younger brother is sandwiched between 6 sisters, 3 older and 3 younger than him.  He is the 6th child and when he was very small, my mom made up a song and used to sing it to him about how he was a "Lucky, ducky baby boy".  A good number of us could probably recite this song at a moment's notice, it was sung a lot.

Well, to my knowledge, none of the rest of us got a song......perhaps this is why we have yet to let the Lucky Ducky live down his famous-in-our-house serenade.

That being explained, let's move on to the wedding pictures.  It was a beautiful and elaborate ceremony, complete with mariachi band for the Mass.

Getting favors ready

Finalizing the seating arrangement

Making brownies for the rehearsal dinner

The accessories are ready!

She's a professional

A sweet walk in the rain

Getting ready to rehearse

Beautiful family - 2nd brother

The cousins goofing

Posing flowergirls

Bridesmaids at the ready!

Helping out the smaller ringbearer

Time to eat!

Preparing the hall

A candy table!

My nephew hard at work

Considering the arrangement...

Finishing touches

The happy couple

The dining area

Cocktail and dance area

Flowergirl preparations

The girls are ready!

So sweet

Ready to go

Hand games to make the time pass

Sisters getting ready

He just saw her!

One of my beautiful sisters with her guy

Cake time

Congrats to Bob on the catch :)


Partying late into the night

....and later still

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