Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzards and Bronchitis

A little late this week on getting a post up - I was felled by a case of bronchitis this week.  I awoke Monday morning to a tight congestion in my chest, so my healthy winter streak was broken. 

I felt pretty good Monday morning and got some cleaning done, but by afternoon it was pretty clear I'd overdone a bit, so back to bed I went.  Tuesday I barely left the bed.  Today I'm feeling a bit better, but trying to learn my lesson from Monday and not overdo.  I did go outside and take a few pictures, but then it was tea and a rest :)

Luckily for me, the rest of the world is postponing any meetings or appointments we may have had this week due to the weather.  My husband was able to make it into work, but most places around us are closed, so we're snuggling in for a couple more days. 

There are actually four steps, not just two!

The drifts were waist deep in some places

Foot of snow against the sliding glass door

Perspective on snow depth

These trees are 4-5 ft tall

Back steps from outside

The fence on the side is 6 ft tall

Ready to play!

Creating a snow cave

Looking in a window....that's 6 ft off the ground

Snow fun :P

Hard worker!

A meager path for the mailman

Playing in the snow cave

Don't give away the hiding spot!

It really is 2 ft high on the sides

The only way in....or out :)

Trudging off to play

Nearly waist high!

What's the fun of snow if you're not throwing it?
By the end of my photo-taking/snow-path making, my bronchitis-ridden lungs were burning, so I headed inside for some steaming tea and a rest.  Can't wait to feel better!

We're definitely planning on continuing homeschooling next year.  I've started purchasing the books and so far we have material for history, reading, grammar, writing and art.  Still need to get math and science materials, but I have until August, so no rush :)

LB has almost reached the 100 boxes she wants to sell - so Girl Scouts is going very well.  We're also looking forward to all the Valentine's Day parties in the next couple weeks. 

Hope everyone is staying safe and warm....and healthy!

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