Monday, January 17, 2011

Enchiladas and Reading

Not such a great week for photo-documenting our days, but I did get a funny video of Little Bean singing at the dinner table.  She was in a particularly silly mood, as you'll see below :)  It was also video-documenting her eating enchiladas....something that hasn't happened without a fight before - so it was worth documenting!  Five years old really seems to be the tipping point into eating without complaint.

A few funny photos from this week:

First, I'm not sure why the stuffed wolf needed underwear.  Second, I'm not sure why it needed multiple pairs of underwear :)

Here, an up-close look at "Wolfie's" new wardrobe.  For the record, Christmas decorations came down this weekend....just in case you're wondering about the background :)


As a newbie homeschooling mom, I don't think I'm alone in worrying and wondering about whether I'm doing things well enough or where Little Bean is compared to other kindergarteners.  I purchased a super thick workbook with all the things a kindergartener should know and we periodically work through these worksheets to make sure I'm covering all my bases.  I feel pretty confident that she's got the number, adding and writing skills of at least an average kindergartener.  I need to do a little more work on money and telling time, but still, I feel like we're on track to finish the school year the end of May with that under our belt as well.  

That being said, reading is my tricky spot.  It seems so much harder to accurately measure her reading skills.  She knows all her letters, her short-vowel sounds and the basic sounds of each consonant (haven't gotten into the exceptions rules yet).  But is this ahead of, behind or right on track with what other kids her age are doing?  Should I even be worrying about what other kids her age are doing?  If she went to traditional school next year, it would be important that she be on track.  She's probably not going to traditional school, but if she did, where would we sit?  If I should find myself in need of sending her to school next year, is she going to be bored or helplessly behind?  These are the kinds of things I think about when I'm washing dishes......perhaps I wouldn't have quite so many questioning moments if we only had a dishwasher :)

So, my mom was asking me what kind of stories Little Bean is reading these days.  I tried explaining where she was, but here's an excerpt of something she read this week from a book I highly recommend, The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching it, seriously get one if you want to teach your 4-5 year old (by Jessie Wise and Sarah Buffington)!

"I had a cat.
Kit had six fat cats.
The cats will not fit in the big tub.

Jeb had a mint.
I will hand him ten mints.
Jeb will suck on the mints.
The mints will melt.

Cam went to camp.
The camp had ten bunks.
Cam will set his stuff on a bunk."

So, that's what she's up to....but without 20 other students.....I'm not sure where that is.  Any kindergarten teachers, home-schooled or traditional that happen to be reading this, feel free to give me a comparison!  Until then, I'll keep trucking on and she'll keep sounding it out one letter at a time :)

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  1. She sounds on par with Trent's progress (in public school Kindergarten). He also knows a couple dozen "sight" words, like "is", "and", "a". These help him sound out bigger words. Remember that reading should be fun!


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