Thursday, November 12, 2015

Theme Thursday {All the Catch-up}

Theme Thursday Oct NovBy my count, I'm only three weeks behind (gah!)

So, I'm going to play a little catch-up!

Linking up with California to Korea once again - and very truantly!

10/22 - Same Photo, Different Angles

I opened an Etsy shop at the beginning of October (can't imagine why I haven't blogged much - ha!).  As a part of the process, I took lots of product photos.  A. Lot.

10/29 - Silhouette

 I took a series of shots of a full moon recently.  While I still have a lot to learn about my settings, I love this one because of the shadows and depth.  The silhouette of the trees in the foreground and the barest shape of the moon, something about this one just sits well with me.

11/5 - Catchlights

Ah, the light in her eyes.  This is a special catchlight.  This is my girl after her first tumbling meet.  She competed in two events, trampoline and double mini trampoline and came home with second and third place trophies.  That catchlight?  It's about doing something that makes you deep down inside yourself proud....and your hard work made your mom so proud she almost broke into blubbery tears no less than twice.

11/12 - Close ups

Recently, we've been helping with my nephew a couple days a week.  L is a "baby person" to her core.  She loves babies.  Here's a close up of their sweet snuggles.


  1. I love that you opened an Etsy shop! Eventually I will get around to buying some rosary roses from you, but budgets and such. (Maybe they'd be a great Easter basket item?) How cool that she did so well at tumbling, I loved the video on Instagram! L definitely looks like a baby person, I hope she keeps that great bond with her cousin for a lifetime.

  2. The moon shot is magical! Congrats to your daughter!! My oldest daughter was a gymnast for a time. Very hard work!


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