Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring Happenings

The days of March have brought the thaw, and with it, days of longer sunshine and more doing

Today, we went to the gym so I could get my miles in (the goal is 4 miles at least 5 days a week - today was 4 miles and 2000 m rowing)

After the gym, we took a trip to our local science and history museum. 

Checking out air flow
Blurry, but she's SO happy!
Bubble Girl in a Submarine!
Thor-a bringing down the lightning
Girl on a squid
Robotics Engineer
In a tree!
Feeding the air tube
Action shot
She kept dragging this bucket around asking where the water was
Banging the drum!
Trying to follow the dance steps with SP on drum

After our morning of play, we took a couple hours to regroup and then headed off to volunteer for the Million Trees Project.  While we have brutal winters, we also have a rich, diverse eco-system.  Living on the Mississippi River and seeing bald eagles flying all winter makes the cold a teensy bit more bearable.

We also have many wonderful volunteer/ecological opportunities, Million Trees Project being a part of it.

Wetting down tree roots
Splashing all the other volunteers
Showing off their water bottle swag for volunteering
Our muddy boots at the end of our shift :)

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