Sunday, November 23, 2014

Dear Mom of Many

Dear Mom of Many (and all the rest of us moms too),

Maybe today you're wondering as you fish for a pair of shoes under the bed or find a clean shirt for Mass, whether this, all of this, is worth it. 

Maybe someone is screaming while someone else loudly proclaims their dislike of *insert dish they liked yesterday*. 

Maybe it's been a really hard day and you'd just like someone to tell you that what you're doing is amazing. 

You are. It is. Even when it feels more like a practice in repetitive motion than a vocation, it matters. 

I am not a mom of many. But I have one. My parents raised nine of us. 

I am telling you as you find a clean pair of socks for a toddler from the unmatched sock bin that what you are doing today is awesome. 

Even if it doesn't feel big, know that these little building blocks are creating the foothold for your children. 

Today, all nine of my siblings will be in the same place together. We will be celebrating 40 years of marriage for my parents. 

And we come together with great joy in seeing each other. The height of our joy is found in each other, in being together. 

We were children who picked at each other, called names, and the like. Constantly. But, through it all, we were told, fight the world if you must, but God gave you these siblings, love them. 

The message took years to sink in, and it permeates deeper every year. Love these people. They are the bearers of a shared childhood, a shared history, a common understanding. 

So, we love each other, differences, faults and all. 

The years were hard and long, filled with sacrifices (some by us, most by our parents). But, now, we all stand as adults, coming together to celebrate our parents.  We are doing so excited to embrace each other, to be together, to celebrate together. 

Mom stopped matching socks after number 7, a pretty fair concession to the craziness of the days. 

But to you, still struggling in the moment, I just want to say, hang in there, hold on. It's can be great now, but it's going to get even better.  

And from one of those kids, I just want to say. Thank you for loving through the monotony of laundry and dishes. Thank you for loving through your openness to life. 

Thank you for giving the best gift possible, a sibling to love. 


The cranky teen who complained loudly when they broke my stuff but who wouldn't trade any of them now. 

Happy 40th anniversary Mom and Dad. Thanks for the 8 greatest gifts I could ever have. 

My girls, loving each other now, and hopefully even more in the years to come.  Prayers for our infertility struggles are always very appreciated. God bless you and your families. 


  1. Beautiful-reminds me if the story "the invisible mom" gods see what you are doing, even when others may not.

  2. So incredibly sweet! I had always longed to have been part of a large family! While I only have three children of my own, I can now see how God continues to bless me with those I encounter through catechesis and lay ministry work.

  3. Loved this post! And I needed it today too as I struggled to find clean pants for my 4-year-old to wear before 8:30 mass!
    You are in my prayers too, sweet friend.

  4. This was a well-timed reflection for me and a very beautiful tribute to your parents!! Perfect and lovely; thanks for sharing it!
    Love the picture of your girls and will offer a special prayer for you tonight :)

  5. Such a sweet letter, Annie!! Happy 40 blessed years to your parents! :)


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