Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The $10 Miracle

Sometimes it just doesn't seem worth checking Facebook....maybe it's about a political view you don't support (although I'm known to put my own views on my own timeline for all to see, so welcome to free speech, eh), or a flood of whatever sporting event recently went down.

But sometimes, you find a gem.  Recently, I found a couple new blogs through a friend's newsfeed.  The first was House Unseen. Life Unscripted.  The woman is hilarious, cheerful, productive and unabashedly Catholic.  I started following her blog right around the time she discovered a complication in her pregnancy.  The baby continues to be in danger and reading her blog gives me a chance to share in, and reach out to her family in prayer during this time.  Nothing like the Body of Christ in cyberspace.

Well, after liking her page and following along, I started following Clan Donaldson....because I saw a post about Operation Laundry Room.  Basically, on top of worrying about her baby in utero, this mom of five at home has to also worry about mice drowning in a bucket and empty dirty water from a leaking valve during each load of laundry.  So, on Clan Donaldson's blog, a plan was hatched to raise money to fix the leaky valve (oh, and buy a dryer since House Unseen was operating without one).  I started reading the comments and even watched a hilarious video

I watched the number tick up and up on the goal line counter (over $6,000 at posting).  Then I decided I wanted to be a part of the story.  So, I donated $10...not a huge sum, just a couple fancy coffees and less than I would spend bringing a meal to a friend in such a situation around here.  But that's the power of the Body of Christ.  We just read a couple weeks back about the loaves and the fish and now I'm getting to take part and watch Christ multiply all of our little gifts into a big blessing for a family facing a tough road in the coming months.  Such a simple thing, so with a little bit from so many (and perhaps quite a bit from a few), I'm watching a miracle unfold during a time of testing and trial for one family in MI. 

So today, maybe you could be a small part of someone's miracle too.....providing child care, sending a bit of encouragement in a card, making a meal, sharing a smile and your time, God will multiply our efforts and the gift will be more than we thought possible :)

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