Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Easter Greetings

I'm finally getting around to our Easter pictures.  It's not yet Pentecost, so I say - WINNING! 

Our Easter was pretty hectic this year, in the best possible way.  We had family in town on both my side and hubby's.  So while there was lots of running around, we got to see lots of family.  Here are a couple snapshots from our fun:

LB was very fashionable in her navy-esqe look, complete with peblum and color pop tights

Hubby's favorite present SP got for Easter was this hat - he loved it so much, he vetoed the matching sailor hat to this outfit

Ready for the hunt

Looking for the egg...


She's already digging for candy

LB mid-song

Even the statues were helping with the hunt at my parents'

Too obvious?

The wait begins

I feel like a conspiracy is happening here

SP searching, complete with her sailor hat

Bunny ears help you search, obviously!
We had a great and exhausting time.  I need to find some ways to help keep this Easter spirit alive through the season.  LB is receiving her First Communion in 2 weeks, and I'm starting to panic a little that I don't have my act together....pretty sure I've probably forgotten at least a couple invitations.

It's things like party planning where I really notice how things change when you have two babies in the house!  Maybe when SP is 2, I'll start to be an organized planner again :)

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