Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Room to Grow

We live in roughly 700 sq ft.  Palatial in terms of a NY city apartment perhaps, but for our family of five in a smaller city, it's not quite meeting our needs.  We have two bedrooms, one bathroom, a living room and a kitchen.  Thankfully, there's some unfinished space in the basement where hubby has a desk and LB has a play space away from baby fingers.  We have much more than many and it is with deep appreciation for our many blessings that I say, we really need more space. 

Because of some boring financial details, it may make more sense for us to remodel rather than move, so we're looking into it.  This brings about an exciting and scary time of bids, estimates, seeking financing and the lot.  As we go through the process, I feel excitement and anxiety (still working on my joyful anticipation).  The plans look amazing, but it will be an added financial load, so it's a bag of mixed feelings.  The remodel would entail adding about 1100 sq ft.....essentially building another house onto the back of our current house.  The basement would be extended, with 2 bedrooms and a bathroom added.  Above the basement extension, a family room would give us open space for dining, toys, games, tv watching, and general family togetherness.  Our current living room would become my office/library.  Swanky, I know :)

So, while we wait a couple weeks for numbers to be crunched, I'm practicing my waiting in joyful anticipation on one more thing.  As I look at the plans, I repeat to myself, "Lord, your will be done".  I know whether we add on to our home or we find a new one, we've got a faithful shepherd guiding the path. 

Of course, part of having 4 bedrooms is our continued hope to grow our family.  The babies would continue to share a room in the addition, so we would have ~ gasp ~ a spare room!  I'm hopeful that if God gives us the path to a larger home, He'll lead us to a path that helps us to fill the rooms with more children.  After a long day like today, this idea is a little daunting, but I continually have to remind myself that God doesn't give us the train ticket until the train is in the station.....so maybe it's a case of, "build it and they will come".  Thank you God for all the little people who daily teach me patience and draw out the best (and sometimes worst) in me.  I am so richly blessed.  Prayers for all of you this Lent as we wait in joyful anticipation of the Resurrection and a new Pope.

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