Monday, October 8, 2012

The New Guy

My youngest sister has a new fella in her life....the four-legged kind.  We all were eager to welcome little Otis into the family and rushed to see him as soon as we could:

Love at first sight

Contentment, thy name is puppy

Not so sure....

Thinking about touching him

Snuggled in for the night
September was a crazy month for us.  It was the first full month of school, included a bout of stomach flu for LB and the fun and whirlwind of two little babies.  Among work assignments, school volunteering, playing with the babies and all the other things going on at our place, I took a week to go south to my brother's house.  My brother and his family live about 1,100 miles southwest of us and are in the process of moving back up north.  I went down to help pack up the house and get it ready for the market.  Not sure how much help I was with SP in tow, but the house should be listed shortly and all the prayers you can spare asking St. Joseph to intercede for a quick sale would be much appreciated by my entire family who has waited nearly 7 years for them to join us back up north.

SP and I stopped at a scenic turnout to nurse :)

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