Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Finding Gratitude

I've had quite a few reminders of just how blessed I am this week.  I have plenty of work from home to keep me profitable, but it doesn't feel so overwhelming that I can't get things like laundry done as well.  It's getting easier every day to take care of two babies, and my heart feels lighter when I contemplate my blessings.  It just so happens that a friend of mine emailed a link to a video on gratitude out to our listserv.  It's appropriately titled "Happiness Revealed". 

Hope you enjoy!

Please pray for a family in our community that suffered the loss of their child to a congenital illness this week.  I remember grace surrounding our family at the loss of our child in an ectopic pregnancy so much that it was nearly a physical presence.  May God bless them in much the same way during this difficult time.

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