Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jack-o-Lanterns for Christmas!

This week, I did a better job documenting some of the fun and funny moments from our house this week.  To start off the fun and games, my husband and daughter decided to finally decorate the pumpkin that's been sitting around our kitchen for multiple weeks.

For the record, THIS TIME, it was actually early morning when she was wearing her jammies, hence the pictures in the only room without windows - the bathroom :)

As I may have mentioned, I've been training for a 5k.  So far, I'm running about 2.4 miles continuously, 0.7 left to add in!  It's been a bit of a trick to find the time to go out running with homeschooling and the shortening of the days, so I've opted for two shorter runs and one or two longer runs a week.  Little Bean goes with me on the shorter runs (lots of doubling back when she skip-walks!) and I do the longer ones on the weekend or during my husband's half-day every week. 

The first day I got Little Bean geared up for a jog, I thought she was so cute, I had to document the outfit.

The other cute look for the week was the high pony.  Getting ready for gymnastics this week, I was trying to get a hairstyle for her that wouldn't come out halfway through class.  I decided rather than the usual low pony I give her I would try a higher and tighter one.  The best part was her reaction, she thought she was quite the superstar and enjoyed looking at it in the mirror :)

Finally in our photo-documentary of the week a look at kind acts.  Every Advent, we prepare a bed for Jesus.  This year, we found a small shoebox (and have a baby doll waiting in the wings to play the part!) and covered it in construction paper.  Then I cut small pieces of yarn.  Every time a family member makes a sacrifice or performs a kind act for another family member or friend, a piece of the yarn is placed in the box.  The box is our manger and the yarn represents hay to soften baby Jesus' bed.  So every time a kind deed or sacrifice is made, the bed for Jesus becomes softer.  It's a simple reminder to prepare our hearts for the birth of Jesus during Advent. 

On Monday, we were setting out on a roadtrip to pick up my Christmas present (thank you craigslist!) and visit a friend who recently moved out of town.  I ran back inside to get one last thing and this is the sight I beheld upon my return to the car (where I had left her INSIDE, supposedly buckling up!).

Have a wonderful week.  We are looking forward to my husband's college graduation this weekend with much anticipation!

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