Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mary Lou, the Circus and Bear

As my sister-in-law says, we've got the next Mary Lou Retton in our midst :)  Little bean is loving her gymnastics class. 

One of her favorites is the forward roll.  She gets better and better each time she does it.  I love this video of her practicing a forward roll on the mats.

While she's at her class, we sit outside a Plexiglas window and watch.  This makes it hard to get the fast motion without a flash, but I was able to get some cute pics.  

She got to walk backwards up the wall, jump onto the uneven bar and practice her forward roll last week.

The joke running right now is that she'll be getting to college on her gymnastics prowess. 

That's many years into the future and we're only two lessons in......it'll be a while before we have to worry about college anyway!

Besides, Mary Lou is shooting for the Olympics :)

Immediately following the gymnastics practice, we headed off to the circus. 

We went along with my husband's family and everyone had a great time!

As you can see, silly faces were on the agenda for pictures :)

The "Bear" part of the post refers to Bear Grylls, an outdoor survival specialist.  We took a family camping trip this weekend, along with some friends. 

She enjoyed spending time in a tree near the campsite - it really is the simplest toys!

After a night out camping, she was bright-eyed and ready for breakfast.....lots and lots of breakfast:  cereal, doughnut, bacon, eggs and orange juice.  As my husband says, she's a hobbit :)

In addition to all the breakfast treats, she enjoyed some snacks that she doesn't usually get a hold of......many chips were consumed on the course of this road/camping trip.

Here, "helping" Dad pack up for the trip home.  After an early drive out, a 5-hour trek down the river and camping out, we returned home worn out, but happy.  Little bean wanted to camp in the yard, living room, anywhere that we were willing to put her tent :)

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